Siderit Experience

Visit our award-winning distillery in lovely Northern Spain

Come meet us and enjoy a guided tour of the Siderit distillery in Puente Arce (Cantabria). Learn about history, ingredients and production as we show you how our famous gin is made, and then, after checking out the world´s largest collection of gin, we´ll prepare you a delicious cocktail.

The tour begins with an introduction to botanicals. We will lead you through a journey of the senses from the colors to the textures and aromas of the savoury plants and spices that give our Classic Gin its unique character including Cantabrian mountain tea, juniper, ginger, tangerine peel and many more…

Afterwards you´ll visit the distillation room with its state of the art production system which boasts the only glass stills in the industry. These custom made glass stills are the key to the superior quality of Siderit´s premium spirits.

From the distillation room we´ll go upstairs where you get a bird´s eye view of the bottling room. We´ll explain the details behind our singular vodka and vermouth. Siderit Vodka Lactée is the the only vodka in the world which is made from alcohol derived from the fermented sugars of milk. Our vermouth, which is produced with Pedro Ximénez grapes and has no added sugars, is respected by connoisseurs for its unique flavour.

The next stop is the exhibition of the world´s the largest collection of gins. Here we will be thrilled to tell you the stories behind these bottles that we brought to Cantabria from all over the world, many of them from a bygone era dating back to the 1950´s and ´60s.

Finally, the grand finale of the tour: the tasting. We will prepare you a tasty cocktail with Siderit which you can enjoy at your leisure as you explore the rest of the distillery, including our display of national and international awards of which we are quite proud!

What’s included:
Guided tour of our distillery, worlds largest gin collection, cocktail tasting.
Barrio los Riegos, 5, Calle de las Naves, 1, 39478 Arce, Cantabria
Price: 6€
Time: 10:30
Price: 10€
Time: 10:30